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ASAP Cy’s Corner

Cy’s Corner #100

By |February 7, 2020|Cy's Corner|

100 and Counting!

One hundred editions … that’s something special! Only 39 TV series in the US have had 100 or more episodes – here are a few:

     Parks and […]

Cy’s Corner #98

By |August 12, 2019|Cy's Corner|

Quod Vigilanti

New L2 Team Members

There are 2 new members to the level 2 support team: Jean Paul Rodriguez, also known as JP or Jeypee, and Michael Arriola, also […]

Cy’s Corner #97

By |March 27, 2019|Cy's Corner|

Cavendum Idibus Martiis – Beware of the Ides of March

This may have been good advice for Julius Caesar but for the rest of us the Ides of March in […]

Cy’s Corner #96

By |January 28, 2019|Cy's Corner|


Greetings from soggy North Carolina, where we have broken the all-time record for rain in this area – over 59 inches in 2018 with the potential for 60 […]

Cy’s Corner #95

By |November 14, 2018|Cy's Corner|

Estote Parati #WorkloadWednesday

Hurricane Florence is in North Carolina today – hopefully far enough to the south and east that I will not lose power. I have a brand […]

Cy’s Corner #94

By |July 7, 2018|Cy's Corner|

It’s  almost the summer solstice  (June 21 this year  in the northern hemisphere) as I write this. In honor of the LONGEST day of the year I may do […]

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