Harry Hanlon

Harry Hanlon is a software development consultant with Voya Financial.  Harry has over 30 plus years of IT experience.  His position requires him to work closely with Unix/Linux administrators, the network team, DBA's, security administrators, application developers and groups implementing new/changed processes to provide efficient, automated processing.  Specifically, his responsibilities include implementation of new instances of IBM Workload Scheduler on servers, maintenance of existing servers, additions, deletions, and maintenance of the IBM Workload Scheduler environment for business needs, as well as disaster recovery planning, architecture and testing for the automation needs.  Running approximately 115,000 production jobs a day and 90,000 in non-production.  And introducing many types of advanced job types.


Patrick Collins


Reggie Garner

Reginald Garner has over 35 years of mainframe IT experience.  He's currently a Group Manager for HCL Lab Services.  He is responsible for providing his clients with z/Workload Scheduling training and support.  Reggie has deep institutional knowledge and is experienced on the z/Workload Scheduler.  As part of this knowledge, he works closely with clients and peers in educating them through formal presentations.  In Reggie's spare time, he enjoys riding his bike, gardening, and spending quality time with his family.

Suzanne Luckner


Suzanne Luckner

Suzanne Luckner is seasoned IT professional with over 15 years’ experience in technology services and project management. She is currently responsible for leading a team of Workload Scheduler for Z platform administrators supporting various areas of Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. She advocates to always be your authentic self, even when it goes against the standards. In her free time she enjoys abstract painting, cooking new recipes, and taking care of her two young children.

Russ Biringer


Russ Biringer

Russ Biringer is a staff software engineer at The Home Depot.  Russ has over 30 years of experience driving innovation and excellence in IT operations.  Russ began his career in IT as a UNIX administrator at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida and has been employed by The Home Depot beginning in 1998.  Russ leads a team of Dev/Ops engineers that work to improve the performance, resilience, and efficiency of critical infrastructure components.  Russ has been working with Workload Automation for 18 years, first as a user, and more recently as the lead Workload Automation administrator.  Russ is married and is a father to 2 sons and 2 stepsons.  In his spare time, Russ enjoys hiking, photography, martial arts, and racing remote control cars competitively.

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