ASAP is an independent, self-financing organization which exists for the benefit of all those who use the IBM/HCL Workload Automation product suite. The direction of ASAP is the responsibility of the board of directors. Directors are elected or reaffirmed at the annual ASAP University member meeting held annually in the Spring, or if necessary, through a mail-in ballot process from a list of candidates from member organizations. A candidate must be an employee of a member organization in good standing with ASAP. A candidate’s primary job function must be related to the IBM/HCL Workload Automation product suite. A candidate must have considerable IBM/HCL Workload Scheduler or IBM/HCL Z Workload Scheduler experience, and/or have made past voluntary contributions to the success of ASAP as defined as:

  • At least one year of experience as a contributor to ASAP, such as a session presenter, session panelist, poster session presenter, technical newsletter article contributor, webinar presenter, session monitor, etc.
  • A candidate must state in writing a willingness to serve on the board of directors for a minimum of two years.
  • A candidate’s employer must agree to support the candidate’s responsibilities to ASAP for a two-year term. These responsibilities include:
  1. Attend the annual ASAP University and perform board duties as mutually assigned for the success of the conference. Registration for the conference is complimentary to board members. All other expenses, including travel, are at the employer’s expense.
  2. Attend one board of directors planning meeting per year at ASAP expense. Expenses will be reimbursed within guidelines approved by the ASAP board. This meeting is typically held in the fall at the site of the next upcoming ASAP University.
  3. Actively participate in a monthly planning team meeting. Contribute additional time and incidental resources necessary to perform functions related to the position of ASAP director.

If you are interested in serving on the board of directors, please contact a member of the board.

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