Together, IBM and Red Hat will accelerate innovation by offering a next-generation hybrid multicloud platform to support IBM Workload Automation and other business needs.  Based on open source technologies, such as Linux and Kubernetes, the platform will allow businesses to securely deploy, run and manage data and applications on-premises and on private and multiple public clouds.

IBM Workload Automation enables you to easily automate business application processing and IT infrastructure orchestration in the next-generation hybrid multicloud world.   Manage composite applications that have complex dependencies spanning multiple business units, clouds, and systems – including ERM applications, CRM applications, SCM applications, public clouds, private clouds, mainframe, and distributed environments.

You can dynamically trigger and dispatch workloads to the best available resources to achieve desired business goals, responding in real time to changing business demands. IBM Workload Automation supports your initiatives to respond to changes with greater flexibility, to optimize service availability and resiliency, and control costs by maximizing hardware and software utilization.   Learn more at

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