The ASAP UNIVERSITY uses a combination of social media platforms as a part of its communications and marketing strategy. This policy primarily addresses the use of social media on behalf of the organization.

Who:    A single voice is preferred in all online interactions. Currently, the ASAP Board of Directors provides the singular voice to monitor, update and post on the ASAP social media accounts. Additionally, members of the planning team may be given editorial access to Facebook in order to post ASAP-related photos. All other content must be submitted to the ASAP Board of Directors prior to posting. Efforts need to be made to the ASAP University accounts to reflect this.

Content: ASAP UNIVERSITY uses social media to highlight ASAP material, including programs, blogs, new content to the website, reports and other resources with the approval of the board of directors. Posts from ASAP UNIVERSITY should include at the following content ratio from trusted member sources that promote the goals of the membership:

  • ASAP news, updates, events, services
  • User experiences
  • Workload Scheduler technical articles, fixes, patches, etc.
  • Business partner (WA-related) product/service updates

Content should be ASAP-related and abide by the ASAP Canons of Conduct. Personal photos, messages, business product/service promotion are not appropriate.

 Frequency Goals:

  • Twitter: one to two tweets per week
  • Facebook: one – two posts per week
  • LinkedIn: one-two posts per month

Tracking Interactions and Evaluating Success: ASAP UNIVERSITY should track its interactions whenever possible on all social media by using the available technology. Currently this technology includes:

  • Twitter analytics for tracking activity on Twitter.
  • Facebook Insights for tracking interactions and demographics.
  • Google Analytics for tracking referrals to sites

Confidentiality: Employees shall not post confidential information on ASAP UNIVERSITY’s and personal social media accounts. This includes financial information, legal matters, organizational internal strategies, campaign benchmarks, unreleased advertising or promotions, internal processes or methodologies, circulating rumors, colleagues or members personal information. ASAP Board of Directors and planning team representatives posting on behalf of ASAP UNIVERSITY are to respectfully and professionally represent the organization, adhere to the terms and conditions of the ASAP Canons of Conduct and any third-party sites, and take full responsibility for their communication.

Canons of Conduct

In order that ASAP may better achieve its purpose, the following Canons of Conduct are adopted and shall govern the conduct of all ASAP members, member representatives, vendor sponsors and attendees. All such members, member representatives, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees in connection with all ASAP activities:

  1. Must conduct themselves and their activities in a professional manner marked by integrity and spirit of fair play.
  2. Must refrain from engaging in any activity, which would violate the proprietary rights of their employers, ASAP, or any other person or organization.
  3. Must abide by the by-laws and policies of ASAP.
  4. Must properly register and display appropriate credentials at ASAP activities.
  5. Must not engage in sales activity, including direct or indirect solicitation, or conduct any other activity contrary to the purpose or policies of ASAP.
  6. Must not distribute any materials or post displays of any kind at ASAP activities without prior approval of an officer of ASAP.
  7. Must not engage in any form of personnel recruiting or using ASAP facilities or resources.
  8. Must not use the ASAP name other than in the conduct of ASAP business as determined by the Board of Directors.
  9. Must not use the ASAP membership or conference attendee list or any part thereof except in the conduct of ASAP business as determined by the Board of Directors.
  10. Must restrict the use of ASAP documents and other data to the purposes defined by the ASAP Board of Directors or ASAP policies.

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